ProcureCon Direct 2017

August 14-August 15, 2017

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, CA

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Monday, August 14, 2017: Empowering The Visionaries

07:15 AM - 08:15 AM Registration & Breakfast

08:15 AM - 08:25 AM Welcome Remarks & Ice Breaker

Jenna Williams, Program Director, ProcureCon Direct


Jenna Williams

Program Director
ProcureCon Direct

08:25 AM - 08:35 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Mark Schenecker, VP, Supply Chain Business Networks, SAP Ariba


Mark Schenecker

VP, Supply Chain Business Networks
SAP Ariba

08:35 AM - 09:15 AM Keynote: “The Visionaries”- Taking It To The Stars For The World’s Largest Supplier Collaboration

Mark S. Basa, Vice President of Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, Monsanto Company

Global megatrends are producing changes in the world economy. Some of these trends impact directly on supply management (e.g. pressure on natural resources) while others first impact business models (e.g. changing consumer landscape) and sourcing (NAFTA TBD).OK…sure. This all matters...alot! But just “what if” you were charged with leading people to create something so big, so complex, so powerful, so fast, aimed at achieving a near impossible goal? Oh, one more thing…did I mention when everyone else who tried before you failed, yet it had to be done?


Mark S. Basa

Vice President of Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
Monsanto Company
As direct procurement’s role continues to move from tactical to strategic, handling large spend influence, it is imperative that the function be clearly defined by the CEO, CFO and COO and the enterprise at large. Insert yourself into a deep dive of how the CPO ensures alignment of the enterprise’s cultural appetite and drives collaboration among leadership. Assess how to cleverly galvanize support for direct procurement’s increasingly integral role in in strategic decision making by:

What nuances can a CPO introduce to innovate within procurement or use procurement as an influencer to enable business innovation
Does procurement’s reporting structure need to change: Setting precedence for cross-functional engagement
Getting (or maintaining) the executive support you need to succeed
Improving connections with stakeholders to locate untapped sources of value and manage savings to budget
What will a CPO be doing for the direct procurement in 2020?


Andy Mowery

Vice President, Global Product Supply Operations
The Clorox Company

Rob Hubbard

Chief Procurement Officer
HB Fuller

David J. Schultz

Chief Procurement Officer

Daeon Richardson

Principle and Executive Consultant, Procurement Transformation Advisors
DENTSPLY Sirona Inc.

Paul Smith

Chief Procurement Officer
BAE Systems

09:40 AM - 10:20 AM Case Study Interactive: Constructing The Game Plan For Procurement Optimization Opportunities- Transforming Direct Procurement Value Into Metrics

Bill McNally, Chief Procurement Officer, NASA
As a CPO surveys the supply chain view, aligning leadership objectives into actionable procurement insight prioritizes the allocating of attention to your direct procurement transformation needs. Unite with your colleagues to implement how you can relay strategic plans to equip direct teams with the necessary tools for successful execution regionally & globally. An analytical look at:

• How to drive leadership decisions intended to strengthen knowledge management, ensure effective project management systems and enable strong leadership accountability.
• Reduce lead time to successfully enable timely completion and more efficient practices
• Establish metrics for existing strategic sourcing initiatives
• Streamline volume decisions intended to reduce volume activities, including the number of contracts, tasks, activities and the corresponding work being performed with these activities


Bill McNally

Chief Procurement Officer

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM Morning Refreshment Break in the Solution Zone

Procurement is a relationship driven organizational function, but there are forces at work behind the scenes that will completely transform how practitioners work with their suppliers. In the ever-pressing need to have things better, faster, cheaper and measurable what does the procurement organization of the future look like and how can you prepare for these advancements? Navigate your Direct Procurement trajectory in a new competitive landscape as you consider:

How Watson affects your lower level analytics?
What the knowledge transfer would look like to develop the next leadership generation?
Using Drones & the Internet of things to streamline processes, assess risk in global/domestic sourcing, leverage supplier management data in real time
The impact of Robotics Process Automation on procurement processes and headcount
The implications of 3-D printing and prototyping/ localizing production within centralized and decentralized direct procurement.


Koen F. Devits

Executive Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Jose Varela

Vice President of Sourcing Operations

Aleksey (Alex) Belov

Senior Director of R&D Sourcing Solutions, Global Procurement
Abbott Laboratories

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM Keynote: Overcoming Complexity in Supplier Information Management

Benjamin Johnson, SCM Solutions- Senior Supply Chain Specialist, EP Energy
Supplier relationships matter in the energy production industry, and strategic suppliers require ongoing management. In addition, the capital-intensive nature of the business means that suppliers often find themselves in a cash crunch. By gaining control of Supplier Information Management, Procurement Leaders can provide improved visibility into contracts and suppliers, reduce the number of active supplier contracts, maintain strong working relationships with non-active suppliers, simplify the complex supplier negotiation process around cash flow and preferred status discounting, and enabled conditional supplier contract terms and pricing.
Hear how EP Energy used modern Cloud technology from Ivalua, to establish a technology foundation to succeed in a constantly changing environment.

Benjamin Johnson

SCM Solutions- Senior Supply Chain Specialist
EP Energy

12:00 PM - 12:25 PM Presentation: Disrupt Yourself! Be The Agent Of Change

Joanna Martinez, Founder, Supply Chain Advisors LLC
There's disruption all around us. From the Amazon Echo in your family room to IBM's Watson, there are new ways to source and old paradigms to topple. This session is all about ideas: what's going on out there across the globe, and how you can harness it to create positive disruption for your organization. Open your eyes to the possibilities, and disrupt your own ideas about how it has to be.


Joanna Martinez

Supply Chain Advisors LLC

12:25 PM - 12:45 PM Keynote: Risk & Reward: Mapping The Supply Chain Genome To Excel In A Real Time Supplier Network

Bindiya Vakil, CEO & Founder, Resilinc Corporation


Bindiya Vakil

CEO & Founder
Resilinc Corporation

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Luncheon

Track A: Spend & Operations

1:45 PM - 2:20 PM Case Study: Stand Out From The Masses: Maximizing Value In M&A:

Aleksey (Alex) Belov, Senior Director of R&D Sourcing Solutions, Global Procurement, Abbott Laboratories
What happens when two disparate organizations join forces? Chronicle the journey of Abbott Laboratories in achieving optimization of process integration through:

  • Collating information from all parties and accelerate the process of integration planning to generate greater value from the anticipated synergies.
  • identifying cost synergies.
  • Creating a collaborative environment for optimum learning, planning and talent retention
  • Where you should wind down contracts in an acquisition or divestiture?

  • Driving consistent alignment of direct procurement strategies and tools.
  • Determining whose processes, policies and contracts to keep?
  • Assessing how supplier consolidation impacts supplier diversity?
  • What happens post-merger:will the same sourcing strategies be effective?
  • Assessinghowtobuildagileteams andpreparing diagnosticsofproperresources&functioning
  • Delivery of cost synergies


Aleksey (Alex) Belov

Senior Director of R&D Sourcing Solutions, Global Procurement
Abbott Laboratories

Track B: Risk Management

1:45 PM - 2:10 PM Case Study: Leveraging Your Single Or Sole Source Suppliers’ Loyalty While Retaining Your Competitive Edge

Ken Baldwin, Senior Global Sourcing Manager, LORD
Some companies have trouble separating the obvious benefits from the precarious position that single & sole source strategies place them in. Not only does the depending on one vendor for procurement become risky, but the vendor is also in a difficult position as they may have only one customer. If vendor relationships become difficult, or either company experiences financial pressures, then both companies will have problems continuing to trade. Learn how to nurture that interdependence between the company’s needs & supplier expectations through mitigating risk in three specific areas.

Quality – Preventing serious quality defects to the market reputation of the buying company.
Cost Degradation –Supplier’s resource monopoly position requires Procurement to develop more powerful partnerships/ negotiations to fulfill fiduciary responsibility of remaining competitive
Supply Chain – What are your plans for maintaining supply continuity & managing disruptions in the supply chain?

Ken Baldwin

Senior Global Sourcing Manager

Track C: CPO Network (Exclusive to C-Suite)

1:45 PM - 2:10 PM Constructing A Business Intelligence Unit To Further Transformation Into A Strategic, Company- Wide Resource

Carole Wendt, Vice President Global Procurement/Logistics & Chief Procurement Officer, Ascend Performance Materials
Contact program director Jenna Williams for inquiries regarding invitations

Creating an independent, objective intelligence department within your organization that can allow all divisions to understand what’s going on in the market and become a key process in business partner relations. By leveraging across stakeholders who all want the same data, you’re able to create a simple, coordinated approach to doing business with third parties and spread the costs among a multitude of departments. Think creatively as to how you can further develop this type of centralized coordination, and measure the impact of its success?


Carole Wendt

Vice President Global Procurement/Logistics & Chief Procurement Officer
Ascend Performance Materials

Track A: Spend & Operations

2:20 PM - 3:00 PM Case Study Interactive: How To Reveal Significant Cost Saving Potentials Through Value Engineering

Joseph Richardson, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Purchasing Partners, LLC
Ever shorter development and product lifecycles require even faster and more targeted decisions from procurement organizations. Especially under “Better, Faster, Cheaper” economic conditions. This breaking ground session will deliberate:

How to include value engineering into your procurement and engineering team cultures
Aligning Design and Manufacturing Engineering,
for product design &development;
Giving Suppliers more flexibility for interfacing parts;
A Design to Cost philosophy;
Embrace Value Analysis and Concurrent Engineering


Joseph Richardson

Chief Executive Officer
Professional Purchasing Partners, LLC

Track B: Risk Management

2:20 PM - 3:00 PM Case Study Interactive: Mitigating Supply Disruption By Implementing A Comprehensive Risk Management Program

Dave Newell, Senior Global Materials Manager, CS Logistics-Global Operaions
Making sure your goods and services reach your customers in a timely manner is paramount to your organization’s viability. But what happens if there’s a disruption? Is your supply chain equipped to identify disruptions and adapt quickly to minimize the impact? During this discussion, you will identify risks that could impact your supply chain; understand the criticality of having a risk management program in place; and design a comprehensive program to mitigate future supply risks.

How to measure, monitor and mitigate risks through a comprehensive risk management process
Building a matrix to categorize the types and probability of risks and their potential impact: natural disaster, geopolitical, export/import trade, regulatory, and more
Risk is often mitigated with some combination of excess inventory, time, or resources. Which is the most important and how do your suppliers optimize this buffer?
At what point do you alert the CFO if there are problems?


Dave Newell

Senior Global Materials Manager
CS Logistics-Global Operaions

Track C: CPO Network (Exclusive to C-Suite)

2:20 PM - 3:00 PM Can the Eagle land? Preparing For Changes in Global Supplier Dynamics Under A TBD Trump Era

Paul Smith, Chief Procurement Officer, BAE Systems
Considering an election platform based on protectionist rhetoric, we may be faced with President Trump preparing for a wholesale reevaluation and renegotiation of trade policy. With the potential to amend NAFTA & withdraw from TPP, the inevitability of upending economic relationships with the United States is foreseeable. We invite our C-level practitioners to discuss separately the mindset and associated strategies to prepare for this near future reality:

Identify proven practices for procurement alignment functioning with pre-existing off-shore/onshore suppliers.
Discuss the possible TBD barriers to that alignment and maintaining a global reach.
To stay ahead of the curve, think creatively about reanalyzing sourcing strategies and discovering new opportunities to effectively respond to reactionary global dynamics.


Paul Smith

Chief Procurement Officer
BAE Systems
Each region’s continuing reputation as the ideal low-cost area to source suppliers is countered by a number of political and social concerns. In a rapidly changing regulatory environment that considers conflict minerals, global bribery acts & labor arbitrage, the need to be aware of controversy, fines and criminal sentences is more important than ever. Taken in aggregate, the panel uncovers the implications behind trade in a Trump Era and calls to action the need for preparation. Ensure proactive and strategic suppliers by communicating:

  • How you qualify and source new suppliers
  • The significance of having a physical procurement team present in the region.
  • The best ways to manage risk influenced by region, currency movements & our TBD political perspective on trade
  • How to prevent potential weak links in your supply base (socio-economic issues) that might damage your reputation
  • Uncovering opportunities for establishing a strategic global sourcing network across that region.


Jeffrey P. Wincel

Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer
ON Semiconductor

Carole Wendt

Vice President Global Procurement/Logistics & Chief Procurement Officer
Ascend Performance Materials

Edward Koval

Chief Procurement Officer and PSCM Senior Executive
Spectra Energy

3:00 PM - 3:40 PM Interactive Case Study: “Red, White, Blue…Now Green”: Monsanto’s Secret Sauce- A Dual Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Program

Mark S. Basa, Vice President of Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, Monsanto Company Brenda Cockrell, Global Supplier Diversity and Procurement Sustainability Director, Monsanto Company
Going green, sustainability, supplier diversity and global regulations are making it more critical for companies to better manage ethical, political and environmental risk. Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders & customers to push sustainability into the supply chain and supplier diversity options into competitive planning is certainly merited. Taken in aggregate, the Monsanto team advances our perception of how to plan and integrate a dual program for sustainability and supplier diversity.

  • What is responsible sourcing, how it’s measured, and how it should be measured?
  • Create a process that manages diverse suppliers to performance over price and measures rigorous quality assurance
  • Designing a sourcing process that ensures equal and fair treatment of suppliers so that they can fully participate in a competitive procurement process.
  • Supplier Value Creation: Assessing how to uphold quality sustainable mandates with limited spend
  • Strategizing for “biodegradable materials/packaging” & ensuring key suppliers are brought in line with your goals
  • Creating a roadmap and planning for continuous improvement
  • Complying with global environmental concerns such as deforestation, palm oil, and animal habitats


Mark S. Basa

Vice President of Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
Monsanto Company

Brenda Cockrell

Global Supplier Diversity and Procurement Sustainability Director
Monsanto Company

3:00 PM - 3:40 PM Networking Break in the Solution Zone

Table 1: China
Hosted By: Dave Newell, Senior Global Materials Manager, Varian Medical Systems

Table 2: Mexico

Table 3: Eastern Europe/Russia
Hosted By: Koen Devits,Chief Procurement Officer, DSM

Table 4: Africa
Hosted By: Michael Takyi, Global Commodities Executive

Table 5: Globalization & Mitigating Compliance Risk For Direct Materials Sourcing
Hosted By: David Howell, Strategic Accounts Director, Bureau van Dijk

Table 6: MakingLifeEasierForYourCFO:Automating TheTactical& ExceedingSavingsTargets While FundingInnovation
Hosted By: Stewart Stanton, Managing Director, C2FO

Table 7: The Viability of Outsourcing & When It Becomes A Necessity
Hosted By: Bryan Kruse, Director of North America Procurement & Global Sourcing, Gerdau

Table 8: Supply Chain Risk As Part Of Your Supplier Management Strategy
Hosted By: Bill Demartino, General Manager of North American operations; riskmethods

Table 9: Keynote Follow-up: Overcoming Complexity in Supplier Information Management
Hosted By: Paul Noel, Chief Customer Officer; Ivalua


Dave Newell

Senior Global Materials Manager
CS Logistics-Global Operaions

Koen F. Devits

Executive Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Brian Kruse

Director of Procurement
Gerdau Steel North America

Michael Takyi

Global Commodities Executive

David Howell

Director of Strategic Accounts
Bureau van Dijk

Bill DeMartino

General Manager of North American

Paul Noel

Chief Customer Officer

5:20 PM - 5:45 PM Dual-Perspective Case Study: Regional Strategies For Global Leadership: The Suppliers' POV For Expanding Direct Procurement's Borders

Jamie Crump, President, Richwell Group Derrick Robinson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Hovair
Derrick Robinson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing from Hovair and Jamie Crump, President of Richwell will be discussing some of Hovair’s interesting client case studies and how they relate to current business needs in many supply chains across the globe.


  • Business needs that generate a sourcing project
  • Engineering to solution process path and timeline (full scope of work and ala carte)
  • Implementation strategies
  • Formulating a solution based bid project including “non-traditional” technology
  • Solution Financial impact to client (Outcomes)
  • Business process impact to client (Outcomes)


Jamie Crump

Richwell Group

Derrick Robinson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

5:45 PM - 7:00 PM GRAND SLAM Cocktail Reception!

After your action pack day of procurement strategy discussions, you deserve a drink. Join your fellow attendees for some margaritas!