ProcureCon Direct 2018

August 21 - 22, 2018

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

Contact Us: 1 (888) 482.6012

My ProcureCon Story by Mary Ann Brennan

‘There is no other place and time you can solely interact with your peers in an intimate, confidential setting without 3rd party partners.’

Mary Ann Brennan

Mary Ann’s ProcureCon Story at a Glance:

First Year Attended: 2012

How She’s Participated: Speaker

I had a hand in launching this event…

…I first participated at ProcureCon Indirect East in 2012 as a speaker. I was actively involved in helping shape the agenda for the event so I knew the producer quite well. I noticed quite a few peers at the events asking questions and discussing challenges in direct procurement. I found the topic to be popular enough to suggest the producers look into creating an entire new conference around it…

…and that was how ProcureCon Direct first came to be in 2013!

ProcureCon is a community of my friends and peers!

There is this camaraderie among ProcureCon attendees that is hard to find at any other event. I think that may be largely due to the fact that the organizers make such an effort to balance the time spent with vendors. We don’t feel like suppliers are constantly hovering over us!

Over the years, I have recommended the event to mentees and peers. And some of them are now active in speaking and participating at the event. For old timers like me, it’s a place to keep in touch with the latest in industry and keep up with my peers. For people who may be new to procurement, it’s a chance to build on a career by making connections.

Intimate. Focused. Deep.

…Those are the three words I’d use to describe ProcureCon to anyone interested in attending. Ours is a small community of professionals. And quite often, we work in silos within our own organizations. There is nobody else to really talk to about our challenges.

The two or three days we spend at ProcureCon allow us to talk shop with likeminded people who are facing the same challenges but may have different perspectives on solutions. It’s our opportunity to work things out as a community, to use each other as a sounding board for ideas.

I will always recommend ProcureCon to my fellow procurement professionals!

Procurecon always provides me with that one nugget of information that I can take back to my team. And that one nugget, along with networking with the community, is just enough to make the time well worth it!