ProcureCon Direct 2018

August 21-August 22, 2018

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

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Bureau Van Dijk

Bureau Van Dijk

Bureau van Dijk is a provider of the most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. For over 25 years, Bureau van Dijk has delivered unrivaled business intelligence and company information. Our flagship global database, Orbis, captures information on over 200 million private and publicly listed companies, with comprehensive standardized financial information on over 20 million companies for easy cross-border comparisons. Clients across a broad range of business functions and sectors utilize our integrated solutions to address various business challenges. Our supplier market intelligence helps you manage your supplier risk and leverage your spending power. It brings your supplier data ‘to life’ by enriching it with our content, and presenting it in simple dashboards, so you can interpret it quickly and work more efficiently. Our expertise includes simple-to-interpret, and internationally comparable, financial information, risk scores, PEPs and Sanctions, and probability of default indicators.

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