ProcureCon Direct 2018

August 21-August 22, 2018

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

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Resilinc is the global leader in supply chain risk and resiliency solutions. Our Big Data + AI platform enables customers to put supply chain disruption response on AUTOPILOT.  We track more than 2 million parts across almost 80,000 factories and more than 60,000 sub-tier relationships.  We monitor 32 different types of disruptions 24x7 in 44 languages.  More than 15,000 users collaborate in real-time on our platform to resolve issues quickly and position their supply chain to win customers and increase market share during disruptions.  With the collection of supplier data from surveys, Big Data, and crowd sourced information, Resilinc is becoming the WAZE for Supply Chain!

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