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ProcureCon Direct 2017 Director's Report

Transforming from purely tactical to proactively strategic, direct procurement is quickly expanding beyond its reputation of creating visible savings. To gain competitive advantages for their organization, practitioners are reaching new heights that focus on multiple value points. These value points now allow for “cost reduction efforts” to take the form of mastering partnerships, mitigating risk from economic/ geo-political volatility and ensuring the pragmatic application of innovation. Additionally, direct procurement must navigate the waters of “big picture” corporate goals, financial realities, and strategic partnerships necessary for long-term success. The increasing size of the role, as well as the outcomes it can produce, has caused procurement to evolve from a back office business function to a competitive business operation with a rightful seat at the C-level table.

Payments Supply Chain Finance E-Invoicing Guide 2017

2016 has been an exciting year for the payments industry, and 2017 is looking to be just as exciting. The new regulations, the explosive growth of non-bank players and increased collaboration, competition, and coopetition are all set to challenge the existing state of affairs in the payments industry. How is digital transaction banking shaping the industry, how PSD2 and API will change the banking industry, what is the impact of faster payments in Europe, these are all subjects of this report. Moreover, what are the major cybersecurity, risk and fraud aspects in transaction banking, which are the drivers in B2B payments scene, what are the most relevant supply chain finance developments, and what are the main characteristics of the e-invoicing market.

Case Study: Dynamic Discounting Analysis

Retail giant Costco Wholesale recognized they were in a challenging working capital environment: lending opportunities for SMBs were difficult, existing sources for cash and new alternatives were expensive for suppliers, and the investment yields on treasuries, commercial paper, and bonds were at all-time lows. This market analysis illustrates Costco’s strategy to reduce costs and generate larger returns on cash using the C2FO dynamic discounting marketplace. Performance results outline their 186% cumulative annual working capital flows growth, in addition to a snapshot of the daily income earned through the program.

Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Resiliency Program Success

“Offense-based play is the best way to get your arms around risk mitigation, and improving a company’s risk mitigation strategy begins with data, which needs to be dynamic and constantly updated. “ – Executive Director of Supply Chain, General MotorsDriven by the growing awareness of the risk that dependence on global supply chain networks represent to market share, revenue, cost targets, brand value, and ultimately shareholder equity, increasingly companies are looking to emerging supply chain risk management and resiliency strategies, practices, and tools for answers. Unfortunately , many companies don’t know where to start. The attached Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Resiliency gives your company a blue print to the people, process and technology requirements of a world-class program and takes you step-by-step from planning to implementing to institutionalizing your program.